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Best Times to get a Table at Racks

We are very grateful to be a successful pool room. Everybody wants play pool here, but there are times when we have leagues or a tournament and we don't have any tables available. Nothing is more frustrating then making plans to visit us, only to be told we don't have any tables open. We want you to visit us and to be able to get a table. In order to do so, here are the BEST times to come in with a good chance to get a table.

Sundays: 3pm - 11pm

Mondays: After 10:30pm

Tuesdays:  From 4pm-6pm & After 8:30pm

Wednesdays: After 8:30pm (Please call between 4pm & 8pm Sometimes we have open tables)


Thursdays: After 1030pm


Fridays: 5pm-1am


Saturdays: 5pm-1am

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